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Modifications Committee:

Randall Bell

Peter F Tisler Sr

Richard Sumner

Karen Paredes

Carol Barber

Nominating Committee:

Erin Connors Bodkin

Keith Walls

Michele Tisler

Events Committee:

Sarah Gonder (Board Liaison)

Ryan McEntee

Melissa McEntee

Lucy Sternschein

Rachael Skott

Ryan Richards

Finance Committee:

Sarah Gonder - Treasurer

John Bagdon

Alan Whittemore

Carter Lane

Jennifer Lane

Preserve Safety & Access Committee:

Kenneth Bowman

Ryan Truchot

Paul Sternschein

Dale Wells

Alyson Davidson

Fine/Appeals Committee:

Donna Driscoll

Todd Saunders

David Filter

Dale Wells

Infrastructure Group:

Keith Walls

Carianne Visi

Brian Schumacher

Abdel Zeini

Tim Cole

Save Eastwood Working Group

Angie Emerson

Lorie Ingraham

ECA Telecommunications Committee

Brian Schumacher

Keith Walls

Tim Cole

Richard Sumner

Doug Augspurger

Abdel Zeini

Aaron Kaufman

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