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April 1, 2022:

We are working very hard to make improvements in Eastwood. We just had our first event in years with the Move-in-the-Park with great success. We are working on several big projects that take months of work to complete but here are some improvements that have already happened in the past month.

Major projects that are in progress

     - New playground equipment and new rubber surfaces at Freedom park.

     - New large monument signs at the entrance to Eastwood

     - Updates to the RV Lot Security

Other smaller projects in progress

      - New swing seats and chains have been ordered for Freedom Park

     - Tennis Windscreens on order

     - New nicer portable toilets are going in next week

     - New much nicer and larger neighborhood announcement signs are on order.


We will post more pictures as things arrive and are installed so please check back.

More improvements are coming.

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